Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wet and Cold, Empty Terraces and North of the Bridge

"Wet and Cold" :- A December evening in 2013. It was dark, wet and miserable and for some unknown reason I had headed out with the camera and was embarking on a long walk into the City of Brighton from the village of Ovingdean. This shot was taken just on the brow of a steep hill that forms the major part of Ovingdean Road. The orange street lights were catching the wet tarmac and paving slabs and creating a very moody image.

"Empty Terraces" :- Well, what can I say about this image? This enitre area was redeveloped literally as we hit the new millenium. In 2000 this strange looking cylindrical structure took shape and opened as "Terraces Bar & Grill". It wasn't exactly in keeping with Brighton's historical seafront but it wasn't an absolute eyesore either. Now fourteen years on and we discover that the entire complex is to be demolished and replaced with a two storey modern eyesore that's essentially several oblong blocks that will become a 'Seafood restaurant' and a private members club with open air swimming pool. This ensure much of the terrace will be closed to the general public and it will also shut out much of the sea view from the coast road as part of the new design proposes a 67 meter wall along Brighton seafront. Today is the last day for objections regarding the plans. But I am sure big business and money will prevail as we watch Brighton slowly lose t's look and history to modern monstrosities and dubious deals.

"North of the Bridge" :- This shot was taken as I was standing on "Old Bridge" which connects East and West Looe in Cornwall. The view is looking North up the East Looe River with Trenant Wood on the left and St Martin's Wood on the right. Looe is a small coastal town and fishing port with a population of just 5,280. The town is steeped in history and is everything you'd expect a Cornish port to look like.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill