Monday, 20 October 2014

Woodland Stream, Pier & Albion Groyne and Too Tired to Fly

"Woodland Stream" :- It had just stopped raining when I took this shot so the lush greenery exuded a freshness that normally goes unseen. This is part of The Railway Land Wildlife Trust in the historical town of Lewes in Sussex, England. This area was once full of rail yards, they stood at this location for over 50 years until they were eventually demolished and removed. Like all land that sits around it was due to be "redeveloped" but local residents somehow managed to save it and turn it into a prized nature reserve in 1995. The reserve is (approx) 25 acres in size.

"Pier & Albion Groyne" :- Opening to the public in May 1899 the 524 metre (1,719 ft) long, Grade II listed Victorian pier on Brighton seafront has been entertaining people for 115 years! It's official name is the Brighton Marine Palace and Pier but it's been known by the locals as the Palace Pier for many years. The Noble Organisation who own the pier caused controversy when they informally renamed it the Brighton Pier in 2000 (the name change is not recognised by the National Piers Society). It's now one of the top tourist attractions and one of the most famous coastal landmarks in the UK. The large breakwater to the right of the image is known as Albion Groyne. It was the second concrete groyne (the first was East Street groyne in 1867) to be built in Brighton and was constructed in 1876. The large square black opening that you see in its side is a storm water outfall and is covered by a metal grill.

"Too Tired to Fly" :- A calm, hazy, warm and lazy mid afternoon on the beach at Brighton. The tide was in and the water was slapping and schlopping against the breakwater helping to create a dreamy environment. Even the gulls had stopped flying around and were either bobbing up and down on the water or standing around wondering what to do. A lethargy seemed to have engulfed everything as surreality seemed to take over. I sat and drifted in thought for a while and then laid back and closed my eyes, allowing the various sounds to take me on a journey. Moments like those are special. They don't come along often but they are something else when they do!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill