Saturday, 15 November 2014

Behind Hastings, Trapped Stone and Benchdown

"Behind Hastings" :- I very nearly missed this shot. Robertson Street is a pedestranised area in the town of Hastings in East Sussex. Halfway down that street there's a gated alleyway tucked off to one side. I just happened to glance back as I was walking down and noticed this view through the locked gate. The angles, shadows and harsh light jumped out at me immediately so I wedged the camera through the bars of the gate and took the shot.

"Trapped Stone" :- Large pebbles on the beach at Ovingdean Gap are wedeged between two boards that are slotted into the large concrete breakwater. The natural force and power of the sea is immense. You only need to look through history to see the devastation that water en masse can create. It fascinates me that the human race has always wanted to live near water and be by the sea. It's destructive capabilities are beyond comprehension and yet we are happy to live in its firing line. I can't complain as I myself live just one mile away from the sea.

"Benchdown" :- In the 1930's a huge walkway was built at the base of the cliffs between Brighton and Rottingdean on the south coast of England. An incredible 13,000 tons of cement and 150,000 concrete blocks were used in its construction. When it was completed it was (approx) 2.3 miles in length and was officially opened on the 4th July 1933 at Ovingdean Gap. A couple of years later the undercliff walk was extended past the village of Rottingdean to Saltdean Gap. There are just five ways to get down and onto the undercliff walk and they are at Black Rock , Roedean Cafe, Ovingdean Gap, Rottingdean Gap and Saltdean Gap. This image was shot just a few days ago (12th Novemebr 2014) during sundown at Ovingdean Gap.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill