Monday, 3 November 2014

Black Reflection, Chainlink and Pipe Dreams

"Black Reflection" :- When I took this shot during the summer in 2013 this set of arch was part of a building that was a seafront nightclub called DIGITAL. It was located at 187-193 Kings Road Arches on the lower promenade in Brighton but as of July this year (2014) it ceased operating due to the property being sold to a consortium of local operators who also bought the nearby "Honey Club". I have no idea what name the new venue will be called or indeed if it has opened yet. Anyway, in this shot you can see the sea, beach, deck chairs and people enjoying the sun all reflected in the dark glass.

"Chainlink " :- A simple chainlink fence and some concrete pillars are all that separate the public right of way and footpath from the edge of the cliff at Peacehaven on the south coast fo England. Even with the fence there it's a bit nerve-racking as you walk along the path as chalk cliffs are notoriously good at crumbling away. This image was shot on the cliff top right at the end of (the appropriately named) Cliff Avenue. It looks out over the English Channel and towards the East. Further along the cliff top the fencing stops so you really have to watch where you're going and be aware of where the edge is as there's nothing to stop you going over the edge at all.

"Pipe Dreams" :- There is an old framed outfall pipe that's only ever visible during very low tides at Rottingdean beach (just a few miles East of Brighton). It's rarely seen as it's usually well hidden by the sea water and because of this it's easy to forget that it's there at all. This is just as well because if you are unfortunate enough to ever see it its harshness and ugliness jars against the scenery with brute force. I happened to be down on the beach when the serioulsy low tide coincided with a dramatic sky and saw my chance to try and make this pipeline look more beautiful than it actually is. This was the result...

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill