Sunday, 2 November 2014

Cold Light Wet Front, St Peter's Back and Creepshow

"Cold Light Wet Front" :- It had been raining for most of the afternoon. Everything was soggy, damp and dripping. Everything was cold and clammy. Including me. For some stupid reason I found myself out in it all, walking around in the wet and trying to avoid the worst of the rain as best I could. Then it stopped. I grabbed this late February shot at Black Rock on Brighton seafront. The light was just picking out small details but still keeping everything in half shadows. It seemed to convery a lack of warmth.

"St Peter's Back" :- This is a shot of the back of St Peter's Church in the heart of the City of Brighton in Sussex, England. It sits on a large green area that's essentially an island flanked by two major roads, the A23 London Road and A270 Lewes Road. It was designed by Sir Charles Barry who was best known for his role in the rebuilding of the Palace of Westminster (also known as the Houses of Parliament) in London. It was built from 1824 to 1828 and is said to be the finest example of the pre-Victorian Gothic Revival style. It is is (sometimes) unofficially referred to as "Brighton's cathedral" and is a Grade II listed building. A few years later in 1830 Sir Charles Barry designed another of Brighton's famous structures, the "Pepper Pot" which was the water tower for Thomas Attree's Queeen's Park Villa. The "Pepper Pot" is one of the only surviving elements of the villa and is also a Grade II listed structure.

"Creepshow" :- This looks like it could well be the set from some horror film or PS4 game ... it's not. While those above queue for ice creams and pose for amusing holiday snaps this is the scene below. This is the 'engine room' area of Brighton's famous pier. The various doors lead to utility rooms and areas that contain generators, cables and all manner of things that I don't understand. A few of the doors state "Restricted Access", the door in the middle also has a sign on it that says "Archway Sub Station No. 1". Not many people wander through this way, it's dark, grimy, often damp and not at all pleasant smelling. It's certainly not a place you'd like to find yourself in at night ... this shot was taken at 02:30 am.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill