Thursday, 6 November 2014

Constanța & Black Sea, Old Farm and Dated Platforms

"Constanța and the Black Sea" :- A chance in a lifetime. I was only there for a fleeting visit but I got to do it and I never thought I would. I'd been enlisted to help drive a van ... from England to Romania. Sounds crazy I know and to be honest it was but it was one hell of an adventure. We negotiated our way through France, Germany, Austria and Hungary before finally entering Romania at Turnu. We then had to make our way across the entire country passing through the city of Arad, Deva, Sebes, Sibiu, Pitești and then negotiat our way around the mighty Bucharest ending up on the last leg of the journey to our destination of Constanța on the shores of the Black Sea. We literally had one afternoon / evening there before to have a look around and take some photos before setting off the following morning and doing the entire journey again in reverse. It was gruelling to say the least. Anyway, this is a shot that I took on the shores of the Black Sea looking at some of the Constanța coastline. Constanța was founded around 600 BC and was originally known as Tomis. It is the oldest still-populated city in Romania.

"Old Farm" :- An old abandoned set of farm buildings sit in the middle of Castle Hill Nature Reserve to the East of Brighton in Sussex. It's a vast sprawling site that's regarded as being one of the finest examples of ancient, wildflower-rich, chalk grassland in the country. It's also been certified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

"Dated Platforms" :- The train station in Hove (Brighton's neighbour) was opened on 1st October 1865. For some unknown reason they coudln't seem to decide on a name for it as it they kept periodically changing it's name. It opened as the Cliftonville but they then changed it to West Brighton. Then the powers that be changed their mind again and named it Hove and West Brighton before finally renaming it once again in 1895 to Hove. Don't know why they didn't name it that in the first place! This image is of the island platform as seen from the old footbridge. The island platform is now reached by a subway as the stairs from the footbridge (in this shot) are locked out of use. I stopped to take this shot as I liked the lines and shadows that the scene presented. I managed to squeeze the camera through a gap in the locked iron concertina gates to get this shot.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill