Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Daily Doodle : Paddington Bear

For today's daily doodle we were told to draw / sketch "Paddington Bear". The reason "Paddington" was given to us as the subject was because Michael Bond (Paddington's creator)was going to be interviewed online today and he'd also said he's have a look at the various doodles and variations of the little bear if we sent them in.

I toyed around for a while and my first version looked ok but it wasn't Paddington. It was a bear in a blue coat and a red hat but it was an old looking bear. I decided to veto that version and try again but for the purposes of this blog I thought I'd post the discarded first version for you to have a look at as I was rather pleased with it even though it didn't have the feel of Paddington about it so here it is...

Jumping straight in again I painted directly on screen without really knowing where i'd end up or who'd be looking back at me once I'd finished and within 5 minutes "Paddington Bear" was staring from the screen and looking much more like i'd originally imagined him to be. So, here's my final (quick) version of "Paddington" which I uploaded to Twitter this morning in time for Mr Bond's interview. I hope he liked it.