Sunday, 16 November 2014

Daily Doodle : Sweep

If you were a child in England from 1952 onwards then you'll be fully aware of a little bear by the name of Sooty and his friends. They were created by Harry Corbett and have been on TV (off and on) ever since and according to Guinness World Records it's now the longest-running children's programme in the UK. Sooty's friends are Sweep (a squeak dog), Soo (a shy panda), Kipper (a cat), Butch (a villainous dog), Ramsbottom (a snake), 'Enry the Robot, Cousin Scampi (who's actually another bear), Miki (a Brazilian cat)and Maggie Mouse. For today's quick sketch I decided to draw Sooty's friend "Sweep" who is not the brightest of dogs but is highly adorable and a favourite of both the young and the old.