Monday, 24 November 2014

Daily Doodle : Turkey On Roller Skates

When I fired up the PC this morning I checked through my messages and notifications, had a cup of coffee whilst reading through the news of the day and then I went to Twitter to see what theme "Daily Doodle" had set for us. This is the message / tweet that I read "As it’s Thanksgiving this week we’ve dedicated it to the turkey. Today it’s a #TurkeyOnRollerskates". Hmmm...that got me thinking. A whole week of turkey related sketches could get a bit tiresome. Not just that there's only so much you could do with a turkey on roller skates so apart from varying styles of art we were all going to do the same thing...a turkey on roller skates. How could I stand out from the crowd and do something a little different? I tapped my fingers and walked around the house a you do...when you're thinking. Then I saw it...and it made me grin.

A very great and dear friend of mine from childhood grew up (well he said he has but I'm a bit dubious about that having seen the way he's been carrying on of late) and became a prize winning author. His name is Philip Reeve and he wrote a series of books that became collectively known as the "The Hungry City Chronicles" or the "Predator Cities". The books in question were (in order) Mortal Engines, Predator's Gold, Infernal Devices and A Darkling Plain. On his blog ( he has this to say about the books which let's you know what they are all about "Together the books cover nearly twenty years in the history of the Traction Era, a far-future age when cities move about hunting smaller mobile towns and dismantling those they catch for their raw materials. Airships ply the skies, amphibious limpet-submarines lurk in the oceans, and dangerous bits of technology left over from a long-ago war lie waiting to be discovered and put to use in the looming conflict between the cities and their anti-tractionist enemies."

 Today's daily doodle image is dedicated to my very good friend Mr Philip Reeve. A wondrous chum. A superb artist. An incredible author. And a rather nice chap.

 Ladies and gentlemen...

 Turkey On Roller Skates