Sunday, 16 November 2014

Green Doors, Churned and 30's Chapel

"Green Doors" :- A pair of green painted shiny doors gleam in the afternoon light in the village of Ovngdean on the outskirts of Brighton. This is part of Bulstrode farm which is tucked away in the corner of the Doomesday Book mentioned old village. There's a public right of way that passes by these barns and if you stay on the path and take the right route it will lead you up and over the East Brighton Golf Course and eventually into the city of Brighton itself (it's approx a 45 minute walk).

"Churned" :- This was the scene on the beach at Ovingdean Gap a few days ago. It's that time of year when the light starts to fail around late afternoon. The sun gets seriously low in the winter sky and creates some stunning visuals. On this particular afternon a storm was on its way in and it had sent a few small dark clouds on ahead as if they were on a scouting trip. The combination of dark clouds and dying sunlight was captivating. My original intention was to process the image in colour but after playing around with several options I decided the black and white approach was the most effective and powerful. Ovingdean Gap is just a few miles East of the city of Brighton on the south coast fo England.

"30's Chapel" :- This is a very special and rare Chapel. It's located in the grounds of +Blind Veterans UK (formerly known as St Dunstan's) in Ovingdean and was dedicated in 1938. Blind Veterans UK is a large national charity that provides free support and services to vision impaired ex-Armed Forces and National Service personnel within the UK. The Chapel was designed by architect Francis Lorne and is now listed at Grade II by English Heritage. The discription of the lsted chapel is as follows "It is a Modernist building (especially the interior) of brick and stone, and has a chancel lit from above, a nave and two porches". The decor is all the original 1930's artwork and the Chapel has the added unusual feature of an cculus set in the roof directly above the altar. Blind Veterans UK is a charitable organisation and is not funded by the government. You can read more about them here as well as make donations :-

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill