Friday, 7 November 2014

Lest We Forget, Rocky Dwellings and Special Place

"Lest We Forget" :- I spent over an hour walking around Hove Old Cemetery and found it rather sad that I was the only person their with them all. No other visitors, nobody else paying respects. The odd fresh flowers placed here and there but on the whole most of the graves were overgrown, forlorn and forgotten about. For a minute or two I stood face to face with a fox as we startled each other in the morning sunlight. We stared in silence weighing each other up before the fox turned and trotted off into the undergrowth. It was all very quiet. Deadly quiet.

"Rocky Dwellings" :- This is a shot from the harbour wall of West Looe in Cornwall, England. It was a grey and gloomy day and the whitewashed buldings and houses seemed to jump out among the rocks that they were sitting on. For some reason this image evoked a 1940's or 50's feel for me, it also carries with it a sense of the unknown and an air of mystery. The monochrome treatment adds to the mood of it all.

"Special Place" :- Brighton's chalk lined coastline. People forget that much of the city is on a cliff. The Victorians did such a good job at hiding it all that it's easy to overlook. Heading west of The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier (Formerly the Palace Pier but now known as the Brighton Pier) the town and seafront is relatively flat. However heading East of the pier the road rises up gently and before you know it you are on Marine Parade overlooking the seafront down below. The whole area of Kemptown is up on the cliff and the road rises once again as you get to Brighton Marina / Marine Gate bringing it to the height of the cliffs that you see in ths image. This shot was taken at Ovingdean Gap just a few miles East of the main city.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill