Saturday, 8 November 2014

Ovingdean Village Road, Grouped and Retreat

"Ovingdean Village Road" :- This is part of the old village of Ovingdean. The village (where I live) has grown in size over the centuries and years and now sprawls out over quite an area but it used to be small and contained. This image shows a section of the original village that's mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086. The green field at the end of the road is "Hogcroft Field", under that grass there's the remains of a Medeival manor house. To the left of the filed (out of shot and hidden by the converted barn house) there's St Wulfran's Church which is Brighton's oldest place of worship and building as that too is mentioned in the Domesday book and is therefore 11th Century. The oldest surviving building actually within the City of Brighton is St.Nicholas's Church which dates from the 14th Century (300 years after St Wulfran's was first mentioned).

"Grouped" :- The stones of Avebury. Standing silent for century upon century. They still have the power to pull people from near and far on a yearly, monthly and daily basis. They still have a mystical feel about them and a sense of mystery and the unknown. Avebury is older than the megalithic Stonehenge (Which lies 20 miles south of Avebury). They say Avebury was built 5000 years ago and it covers an area of 115,000 square meters (28.5 acres). Some of these stones weigh 40 tons! The stones are surrounded by an external bank henge which is 421 meters in diameter and 1.35 kilometers in circumference. In this image you can see a large group of foreign students (distant right of the image) all gathered on the external bank. They help give a sense of scale to the site. The stones in the foeground don't look too big but if I was to walk up to the nearest one in the shot it's still one third higher than I am so it's (approx) 2.74 meters or 9 feet in height.

"Retreat" :- A January sunset from the beach at Ovingdean Gap in Brighton. Once in a while the low tide coincides with sundown and nature then paints a scene of outstanding beauty. All I have to do is make sure that I am there for that moment and that I have eneough battery power to get the shots. A few days ago I went down to this very same spot only to discover a pocket full of dead batteries. A lot of muttering on a cold beach ensued as I trudged back to the car without managing to get a single shot!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill