Thursday, 13 November 2014

Peacehaven Cliff Steps, Overcast Mill and The Meridian

"Peacehaven Cliff Steps" :- In the cliff face on Peacehaven beach a massive set of stairs have been cut into the chalk. There's well over 100 steep steps that are great on the way down but make your calf muscles ache on the way back up! The area is known as Friars Bay and the steps are located at the end of Cliff Avenue. I have no idea when they were built but the undercliff walk and concrete sea wall dates from the late 1930's so they cannot be any older than that.

"Overcast Mill" :- This week I found myself out of action online due to my modem being fried by a lightning strike over the weekend. No internet meant I was suddenly forced to function liuke I used to so I found myself wandering about with the camera again during some rather unsettled weather. I thought that we might have seen some spectacular sunsets but unfortunately the heavy clouds put pay to that by swallowing up all sunlight so I ended up walking around under a blanket of grey. This is one of the shots taken on Beacon Hill which sits between the villages of Rottingdean & Ovingdean near the city of Brighton on the south coast. The windmill is a grade II listed smock mill called Beacon Mill or New Mill but most people know it as the Rottingdean Windmill. The windmill dates from 1802 and worked up until 1881. It was in such a mad condition by 1890 that they very nearly demolished it altogether. Inside the mill there is now a steel skeleton frame that supports it and stops it from collapsing. The mill is now also used as a seamark as it can be seen fro miles by ships and watercraft as they pass along the English Channel which is the busiest shipping lane in the world.

"The Meridian" :- This monument on the cliff top at Peacehaven marks the Prime Meridian which is set at zero degrees of longitude. There is an inscription on the monument which reads :- "Peacehaven George V Memorial - erected by the inhabitants in the year 1936 to commemorate the beneficent and illustrious reign of their beloved sovereign 1910 -1936 and to mark Peacehaven's position on the prime meridian of Greenwich." Zero degrees. Everything to the East of this is ahead of time and everything to the West is behind time. I was standing slightly on the Western side so technically I was behind and the bench on the other side was ahead of me but not so much as you would notice!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill