Monday, 17 November 2014

Pond and Lilies, Saving Face and Coastal Moon

"Pond and Lilies" :- I have very fond and strong memores of sitting by this pond as a child. We used to live in the heart of Brighton but when my mother's Aunt would visit us from Yorkshire she'd take us out on day trips. Rottingdean is an old and very historical village (approx) four miles to the east of the city center of Brighton. The first recorded mention of the village was in the Domesday Book of 1086 where it was written as Rotingeden but other variations of its name have been discovered as it has been written down over the years (Ruttingedene (1272), Rottyngden (1315) and Rottendeane (1673) and it was invaded by French pirates in 1377. But this pond is where it all started because the village developed in Saxon times around this pond (near the church) as a small farming community. This is also the pond that the author Rudyard Kipling would relax by along with his Uncle, the renowned Pre-Raphaelite paineter Sir Edwrad Burne-Jones who both made Rottngdean their home for a while. I ended up moving out this way and now live relatively near to the village and often find myself wandering through.

"Saving Face" :- It looks as though it's a movie set being built on some secret back lot. It's not. These are the chalk cliffs that run from Brighton all the way out to Newhaven along the south coast where they have a short rest before starting up again at Seaford and carrying on to form the highest chalk cliffs in Britain at Beachy Head in Eastbourne. The scaffolding was put up several months ago due to damage to the cliff face caused by an incident back in April. A motorist was driving along the main A259 coast road at Roadean when he somehow lost control of his Ford Focus car and plunged over and off the 80ft hight cliff. The car hit a barrier set up in the cliff face which then catapulted him further out and over the concrete undercliff walk where it then hit the sea (luckily it was high tide at the time). The most incredible part of the story is that the man who'd been driving escaped serious injury and simply swam and walked away. The news report of the story can be read here :-

"Coastal Moon" :- This is my home. The shot was taken from the eastern arm of the huge protective wall that surrounds Brighton Marina. As the light faded and the moon started to rise above the coastline the entire scene took on an idyllic appearance. Here's a quick explanation of what you're looking at...
The chalk cliffs and undercliff walk run for several miles from Brighton. The dip that you see in the chalk is Ovingdean Gap and the large brown lookng building that you see near the dip is Blind Veterans UK which is situated on Greenways in Ovingdean Village itself which is where I live. If you look carefully at the dip /gap just above and to the left you'll see a small black shape sticking up. That's the famous land and seamark that is Beacon Mill otherwise known as the Rottingdean Windmill with the houses of Rottingdean village just behind it. The cliff face in the sun in the distance is Saltdean, Telscombe and Peacehaven. The cliff rising up at the very end is at Seaford approximately 19.5 km or 12 miles away.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill