Thursday, 20 November 2014

Rough, Hard Flight and Golden Stone

"Rough" :- A rather bleak and grey vision of the ruined West Pier just off Brighton beach on the south coast of England. When the weather gets wild here it really blows in and the sea turns into a raging angry mass. Tourists take cover and hide within the safety of the bars, clubs and restaurants within the city and the beaches empty of all life. Only the odd die hard local can be seen wandering along the shore and braving the elements. The West Pier was built in 1866 but was closed to the public in 1975. Since then several serious storms and a couple of dubious fires sealed her fate and this is now all that remains of the Grade I listed pier designed by Eugenius Birch.

"Hard Flight" :- They look like like the entrance to some huge fortification or fortress. They could even be part of some huge villain's hideaway in James Bond set. They are in fact neither and are in reality nothing more than the steps at Ovingdean Gap that allow access to and from the cliff top and the undercliff walk. I use them a lot as I often walk down this way and sometmes walk into town via this route. They were constructued at the same time as the undercliff walk itself so they were built sometime between 1930 & 1933. An image showing the steps being built (circa) 1932 can be seen here :- Constructing Ovingdean Gap

"Golden Stone" :- A late afternoon shot from the cloisters of Chichester Cathedral. She stands at an impressive 276 feet or 84 m and is at least 900 years of age as it dates from the 12th Century. Like many of Britain's churches, cathedrals and places of worship her architecture is Norman with some English Gothic thrown in. Due to her location she is the only medieval English cathedral which is visible from the sea. Chichester is a county town and also the only city in West Sussex. It has a strong and long history that includes Roman and (later) Anglo-Saxon settlement.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill