Sunday, 30 November 2014

St Joseph's Church, Waterworld and Doors of the Dome

"St Joseph's Church" :- This is the interior of St Joseph's Church at the bottom of Elm Grove in the City of Brighton, England. It is one of the 11 Roman Catholic churches in the city. It was founded in 1866 but remarkably due to it being built in several stages (and incurring outstanding debts) its official dedication wasn't until 1979. t is yet another one of Brighton's Grade II* listed buildings due to its architectural importance.

"Waterworld" :- Little black clouds scud overhead as a cold and grey looking sea dances to the pull of the moon. The sea view from Brighton is ever changing. The sky, clouds and sea itself produce a dufferent scene on a daily basis. It's never the same twice but is overlooked by those that don't stop to see it or appreciate it.

"Doors of the Dome" :- These are the wonderfully ornate doors of the Dome concert hall that's part of the +Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums in Brighton. The building was built for the Prince Regent (later George IV) and work started in 1803 with designs by William Porden. TheThe Concert Hall was originally the Prince Regent's stables and held 44 horses in a circular stable. The central cupola is 80 feet in diameter and 65 feet in height. In 1934 the Concert Hall interior was completely removed and replaced with an art deco style complete with walnut paneling and new entrances were introduced designed by Robert Atkinson. Brighton Dome is a Grade 1 listed building.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill