Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sun Cement and Sand, Blackfriars and Haze

"Sun Cement and Sand" :- This image was shot way back in February 2013 just after 5pm. There's a long and wide promenade at the foot of the cliffs that stretches all the way from Saltdean, through the villages of Rottingdean and Ovingdean, past Roedean and eventually delivers you in Brighton. It was built in the early 30's at a cost of £360,000 and is (approx) 5.63 km or 3.5 miles in length. This shot was taken at a point somewhere between Saltdean and Rottingdean. Rough seas overnight had thrown up sand, seaweed and a few pebbles over the walkway and t was all catching the afternoon light.

"Blackfriars" :- The very old and the very new all in one shot. Modern architecture peeps through a hole in the ruins of Blackfriars in the town of Arundel in west Sussex. At some point in the middle of the 13th century Dominican friars arrived in Arundel and created its first religious building known as Blackfriars. These few walls are all that remain of that ancient building and they sit by the side of Mill Road between the famous 11th Century Castle, the River Arun and the town's bridge.

"Haze" :- This image conjures up heatwaves, pollen, buzzing insects and gentle breezes. It was taken back in June (2014) on a hot and humid afternoon as I was wandering around Castle Hill Nature Reserve which is tucked and hidden away behind Wodingdean Village on the outskirts of Brighton in Sussex. I was about halfway round on the walk when I stood in the shade by the footpath to catch my breath and noticed this wonderful contrast of light so I grabbed the shot so I could share it with you.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill