Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Woodland Path, Winterbourne Stream and Chancel Light

"Woodland Path" :- A shot that was all about the timing as this would not have amounted to much if it were not for the sunlight flying through and casting the long shadows. The copse of trees is smack alongside a car park at the Devil's Dyke beauty spot on the outskirts of Brighton. It still amazes me that everyone is happy to either look at the same view en masse or simply sit in their cars and view it from the car park, not a single person ventured through here while I was taking photographs. All it took me was 30 seconds to walk from where the cars were parked to these trees in the image, nobody thought to explore or walk or see what it was like from within. They were all quite happy to be sheep and do exactly what each other was doing. All looking the same way. All doing the same things. All thinking they were individuals. The funny thing is when I emerged from the trees with the camera they all gave me funny looks as though I was the odd one. People are strange.

"Winterbourne Stream" :- This is the very picturesque Winterbourne Stream as it passes through Southover Grange Gardens in the town of Lewes in Sussex. Parts of the Grange date from 1572 and the gardens themselves also date from the 16th century. The Winterbourne Stream separates the garden into two (almost equal) halves. The gardens are free and open to the public from 8.30am until dusk or 9pm daily but are closed on Christmas Day. Tonight the town of Lewes will be jam packed with people as an estimated 33,000 hit the historical town for the famous "Bonfire Night" celebrations.

"Chancel Light" :- A quiet village Church oozes history as its stands silently in the heart of Sussex. This is the church of St Peter's in Chailey, a village and civil parish in the Lewes District of East Sussex, England. The church was built in 1256 and is therefore 13th Century. This was my first visit to the church and its grounds and I was delighted to find that the door was unlocked and that I could enter inside. I'm pleased with this shot I took of the chancel as the light from the windows is very sublte and the cool greenigsh tones of the stonework seem to convery the age of the building very well.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill