Sunday, 28 December 2014

Abandonement, FRESHATHANFRESH and Lightburst

"Abandonement" :- It felt odd to be standing inside this Church. Its cross had been ripped down frpm off the wall and was now leant against the rails. The pews, seats, altar and other fixtures and fittings had been removed as well. Just the shell of the building was left, with the songs of its congregations a thing of the past. What made it stranger was that we knew were to be the last few allowed to stand inside. A day or so later the bulldozers moved in and this entire place was floored to the consecrated ground. St Alban's Church in Coombe Road, Brighton was built between 1910 and 1914 but had stopped being a church back in 2006 and was declared redundant.

"FRESHATHANFRESH" :- I shot this just over a week ago on the 19th December 2014 on the wide concourse outside Churchill Square Shopping Center in Brighton, England. It's one of those mobile food vans that only ever seem to appear around shopping centers at Christmas. This one was advertising on the front that it did "PASTA SALADS PIZZAS ... Lovely". Right on the top of the van and above the canopy it stated "FRESHATHANFRESH" which annoyed me for two reasons which were the rediculous spelling of fresher and that fact that something's either fresh or it isn't and that there's simply no such thing as being more fresh than fresh. Nothing more that a rediculous advertising slogan and ploy that many will fall for in the same way that a t-shirt can be whiter than white. I picked my spot, set up the tripod (with the standard funny looks being thrown my way) and then waited for the opportune moment to take the shot as the area was very busy. I like the mood of this image.

"Lightburst " :- Calming and dramatic. The clouds try their best to block the sun's light and scatter the rays in a myriad of directions. At the same time the sun manages to break through the middle and shot a beam straight at myself and the camera causing a wonderful flare to add to the overall scene. As is often the case I found myself to be pretty much alone on the beach at Kempton in Brighton. The odd dog ran up to me to say hello before scampering off to catch up with its owner but nobody seemed to take much notice of the scenery. The sun and moon are daily cosmic events that we take for granted, they each traverse their quota of the 24 hour day and are invaluable to our planet. We really ought to give them more credit and take more notice.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill