Friday, 12 December 2014

Approaching Storm, Bistro Gourmand and Leaves of Gold

"Approaching Storm" :- An image full of contrasts. This was shot a month ago (11th November 2014) on the beach at Ovingdean Gap near Brighton. There was a damp feeling permeating the air and filling my nostrils with every breath. A storm front was on its way in from the West and killing off any chance of catching the sunset from the beach. The beach was quiet and even the gulls had stopped flying around. High up in the distance the sunlight lit up a vapour trail as a few headed off in search of warmer climes.

"Bistro Gourmand" :- This is a French Restaurant called Le Bistro Gourmand in Laureens Walk, Nevill Road which is in the ancient and historical village of Rottingdean (near Brighton) on the south coast of England. I have to be honest and say I know absolutely nothing of the business as I have never eaten there but a quick search online pulls up some very favourable reviews as the French brasserie boasts fresh locally sourced cuisine with a French/Mediterranean twist. This was shot last week around 6 pm. The reason it was so quiet was because the village had been closed off to traffic and everyone was partying in the high street as it was "Smuggler's Night". Typically I went off on a wander with the camera making use of the empty side streets!

"Leaves of Gold" :- Shot way back in March 2013 as I trudged around the undergrowth of Stanmer Park on the outskirts of Brighton. The park is a local nature reserve that contains the village of Stanmer, the 1722 built Grade I listed mansion that's Stanmer House and the Grade II listed Stanmer Church (declared redundant in 2008). Approximately 500 acres of woodland make up Stanmer Park which was once a private estate in the 1700's so it's easy to stray off the path and feel as if you're in the middle of nowhere. The truth is that the park is actually right by the busy A27 and smack next door to the huge complex that is the University of Sussex. Directly oposite that there's the relatively new American Express (Amex) Community Stadium that's home to Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill