Monday, 8 December 2014

Burning Cloud, November Light and Growth

"Burning Cloud" :- The weather was rough. The sun was dipping down and looking very beautiful but it was colder than it looked and the sea was angry. Because of this the English Channel was hitting the sea wall so hard it was spraying up and over with the odd wave crashing ontot the undercliff walk which is why you can see the wet refelction of the rails. I managed to remain dry for most of the outing but near the end a wave crashed over just behind me and I too the brunt of it and got a soaking. I could taste the salt on my lips for several hours afterwards. The shot was taken between Ovingdean and Rottingdean a few weeks ago on the 12th November 2014.

"November Light" :- Sometimes it all falls into place. Without even trying everything lines up and presents itself for you and all you have to do is see it and click. Admittedly this doesn't happen a lot but the law of averages says that the more you put yourself out there then the chances of it happening will indeed be greater. On this particular occasion I hadn't even plannned on putting myself out there. I gone out the evening before and taken my camera with me hoping to catch the sunset as I walked into Brighton. A few events then happened that meant I ended up staying overnight and sleeping on the floor at a friends place. The following day I managed to (eventually) straighten up and learn how to walk again and found myself walking back home a few miles along the seafront. This of course meant that I still had my camera with me and just as I passed the famous pier on Brighton seafront the sun broke through and created this scene. Without even having to think twice I'd quickly taken the shot. I freely admit that the processing has added to the whole mood of the shot, I was going to originially put it out as a colour image (pastel creamy yellows throughout) but after experimenting I much preferred the heavy black and white approach.

"Growth" :- These could be mistaken for distant palm trees but they're not....they are in fact only a few inches high. There's not much greenery to be found on Brighton beach but as you go further East towards the beach at Kemptown these little plants start to appear here and there. These ones are right on the top of a large man made pebble ridge that protects the infamous Brighton Nudist Beach from prying eyes.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill