Saturday, 6 December 2014

Burning Eve, Beach Store and Shooshh...

"Burning Eve" :- This was shot last Friday on the 28th November around 5:45 pm on Brighton seafront. I had no idea that mother nature was going to put on such an unusual display but due to the bright and sunny afternoon that day I had a feeling that something was going to happen...I just didn't know what. So around 3:30 pm I drove down to the marina and parked the car up and then proceeded to walk along the beach towards Brighton's main seafront. As I made my way along I took several shots and could see the sun lowering and starting to glow and flare up. As it was doing this an odd band of heavy cloud drifted into place leaving just a small gap for the dying sunlight to shine though. Much to my surprise the cloud didn't move on and the entire sunset happened through that one gap in the clouds, the two of them seemed joined as the gap seemed to move with the sun allowing me to follow the entire display with the camera. I was so entranced that I ended up walking all the way out to the West Pier which was when I took this incredible shot.

"Beach Store" :- Down by the famous beach Carousel on the lower promenade in Brighton there are many art galleries and souvenir shops. They are housed in the Kings Road Arches which used to be where the old Victorian fishing boats and nets were stored. I happened to be down that way just as they were all beginning to close up for the evening and aksed one of the store owners if it was ok to photograph the interior of their narrow little store. Fortunately they said I could and even got out of my way so I could take the shot. As you can see some of the old arches are very small indeed. They go back quite a way but are not much wider than their own doorways!

"Shooshh..." :- The calm before the storm. There's a point in the day where Brighton becomes very quiet. That point changes on a daily basis throughout the year, the fun part is predicting when it will be and being there for it. It's that point where the daytripers and tourists have all ventured home or gone back to their guesthouses and hotels and the night owls have yet to come put to play. There's a natural lull for a while as the shops and stalls close up and the bars and night clubs prepare for the onslaught. If you really get your timing right you can grab some wonderful images that are people free. This is a shot of Shooshh... which is is Brighton's one and only VIP super club by the beach on the lower promenade. The shot was taken last week around 6 pm but due to the time of year the sun had set and darkness had already set in. This meant that I was able to stand well back and photograph much of the illuminated club without having anyone get in the way, even the upper promenade is free of people. It's a very colourful and atmospheric shot.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill