Monday, 1 December 2014

Chailey Fields, Shower and Station Walk

"Chailey Fields" :- Chailey is a village in the Lewes District of East Sussex in England. Lewes is situated (approx) 16 km or 10 miles south. The parish church is recorded as having been built in 1256 so the village has a lot of history to it (as does much of Sussex). I'd been in the village photographing one of the churches for an hour or so and was on my way back when I spotted this view over the fileds. I pulled into a layby and took this shot from the edge of the field looking South West towards the downs.

"Shower" :- This beach shower unit loks perfectly in place when the sun's out and the beach is full of laughter and sunbathers but when it's cold and grey it looks very incongruous and out of place. Puddles were everywhere after the storm and the beach was looking very bleak and quiet. The shot was taken on the beach at Rottingdean just a few miles East of Brighton n the south coast of England.

"Station Walk" :- I've walked over these boards many many times as they are one of the entrances into Brighton Station. What I never realised is that they are not only the original Victorian boards but that underneath them there's an original Victorian cobbled road that was used by the carriages to pick up passengers. It's quite a well kept secret and very few people know of it let alone get to see it.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill