Monday, 22 December 2014

Far Away in Time, Saftey Rail and Twilight Pond

"Far Away in Time" :- Shot on Kemptown beach in Brighton looking South towards the English channel and the rest of the planet. A wonderful unbroken skyline with no man made objects or clutter to spoil the natural lines and beauty of it all. Not a single boat, gull or dog walker to get in the way. This line of cloud remaind in place for long time. I stood and watched the hues change as the light faded and the last rays were scattered beyond the horizon. It was peaceful, it was perfect.

"Saftey Rail" :- Hard to believe that this concrete walkway and sea wall has stood here for over 80 years. It's protected the chalk cliffs and this stretch of coastline that leads into Brighton very well. It was built between 1930 & 1933 and cost £360,000 which was a terrible amount of money considering it was the 1930's and during the 'depression'. An incredible 150,000 concrete blocks and 3,000 tons of cement were used to construct the 'undercliff walk' (as it's now known) which also provided jobs for (approx) 500 men. The walkway was officially opened on 4th July 1933.

"Twilight Pond" :- Timing, as they everything. I'd also add that being sneaky is everything as well. This was shot in the ancient and historical village of Rottingdean that is situated (approx) 6.27 kilometres or 3.9 miles East of the City of Brighton. It was photographed on 6th December 2014 which also happens to be "Smugglers Night" in the village so everyone was down in the High street enjoying themselves. This meant I could be sneaky and skulk off elsewhere in the village and get some twilight shots without any traffic or people getting in the way. So this is the famous Rottingdean Pond at dusk. The tall grass in the foreground is glowing from the lights of the Plough Inn that resides alongside this picturesque duck haven.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill