Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gone, Miracles Out Of Nowhere and Night Flight

"Gone" :- Shot just five days ago on the 13th December 2014 on the beach at Ovingdean Gap. I'd walked from home twenty minutes down the Falmer Road to the village of Rottingdean and headed for the seafront. As I got there I could see the sun was beginning to lower in the winter sky so I decided to kill some time by walking West along the promenade at the base of the cliffs towards Ovingdean. By the time I got there the sun was doing its thing and showing off before vanishing altogether so i hit the pebbles and took a few shots. This one was taken just after the sun dipped below the horizon. Some of my best images are the ones where there's nothing there. I love the bands of colour in this image and the light on the sea.

"Miracles Out Of Nowhere" :- Late afternoon / early evening at Black Rock in Kemptown on the Eastern edge of the City of Brighton. The wide expanse of concrete promenade allowed me stand well back and make use of the dark empty spaces. It was reasonably quiet too so I didn't have to wait long before there was an adequate gap between pedestrians to get the shot I wanted. I am fascinated that we consider ourselves to be an intelligent race. If we are that intelligent why do we concrete over everything and then feel the need to fence the natural bits off? Come to think of it the fences are there to stop those without much intelligence at all from falling over the edge. I rest my case.

"Night Flight" :- This flight of stairs joins the lower side of Stroudly Road with the higher side of Stroudly Road as it wraps around and curves its way to Brighton Station Car Park. The large building at the top with the blue and green lighting is the Jurys Inn Brighton Hotel which opened in December 2007. This entire area used to be full of old Victorian warehouses and old goods yards, it was run down and very dilapidated. Over the last 10 years or so it's seen a vast rejuvenation as various buildings, offices houses and supermarkets have sprung up and the area is now know as the New England Quarter. Building work is still taking pace as a few new (and quite frankly ugly) blocks are being constructed as I type.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill