Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Pallet Down, Light in the Water and Commander Denniston's Office

"Pallet Down" :- I'm never one to miss an opportunity. I have long since learnt that returning later on to get the shot often results in the shot no longer being there to be got! When I see it I grab it. So on this occasion I was walking along the promenade that runs between Brighton Marina and the famous Brighton Pier with the intention of grabbing a few shots of the sunset and then using that as an excuse to hit the pub as it was Christmas Eve! Because I was walking along I kept an eye on the lowering sun and found myself repeatedly looking over to my left at the horizon. That's when I spotted the old pallet washed up on the beach. It was resting perfectly on a raised bank of pebbles and at a quirky angle to everything else. At the same time the sun lowered just enough to poke through the clouds. I jumped over the railings and landed on the beach several feet below and then found myself running towards the pallet, setting up the camera for the shot as I ran. I got there with the sun still behaving for me, dropped down and took the shot. The next five minutes were spent trying to get my breath back ... I really must stop running to get shots!

"Light in the Water" :- The dying light of the day catches the puddles and wet concrete on the undercliff walk between Saltdean & Rottingdean on the south coast of England. The wet patches are due to the waves breaking over the sea wall during high tide. Just as they all dry out it's high tide once again and it all goes full circle. I've walked this strecth a few times during high tide. It's exhilarating but you do sort of take your life in your own hands. The waves hit the wall with such verocity that they send the water splashing up high above your head and with such force that if it does catch you it can floor you. Timing is everything is you wish to make it along in one piece. Most of the time I've made it along unscathed but there has been the odd occasion where i have been soaked to the skin and knocked on my butt!

"Commander Denniston's Office" :- For those of you who've seen Benedict Cumberbatch playing the role of Alan Turing in "The Imitation Game" (2014) you'll be all to aware of just what was achieved by him and all those at Bletchley Park which is located in Milton keynes, a town in Buckinghamshire. Charles Dance is also in the film and he plays the part of Commander Denniston who was appointed operational head of Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) in 1919 and was responsible for recruiting Turing from Cambridge. This shot is of Commander Denniston's real office situated in the Mansion that sits within Bletchley Park istelf.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill