Monday, 29 December 2014

Plenty of Scope, Mirrored Union and On Reserve

"Plenty of Scope" :- A bright blue telescope sits on the promenade of Brighton seafront. The old twisted ruins of the West Pier were silhouetted by the evening light and all was calm. The image was shot on Christmas Eve during sundown on a strecth of the promenade that's directly opposite East Street and the Queens Hotel and overlooking the 'OhSo Social' bar, restaurant and cafe that's down on the beach.

"Mirrored Union" :- This is actually a shot across a stretch of the Grand Union Canal as it passes through Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England. We were staying a couple of nights at the Peartree Lodge by Milton Keynes Marina and on the first evening I'd taken a walk with the camera down along the canal bank to explore the area. The waterways were quiet and calm as most of the longboats were moored up for the night with only the odd passing duck causing ripples.

"On Reserve" :- Something from nothing. A stroll over Beacon Hill Nature Reserve on the south coast of England on a pleasantly warm July afternoon. Camera in hand with my sights set on the windmill and then the beach. Because the area is a Nature Reserve there are pathways that you need to stick to so that you don't disturb the skylarks which nest on the ground in the long grass. Beacn Hill sits between the village of Ovingdean (where I lve) and the village of Rottingdean so I often use it as the route between villages instead of taking the alternative and less interesting road route. It's much more picturesque this way. Anyway, as I was heading towards Rottingdean and the coast I liked the way the path was more defined than usual so I got down low and took this shot.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill