Friday, 26 December 2014

The Victory Circa 1766, Not All is Lost and Tree Spirits

"The Victory Circa 1766" :- Shot a week ago on the 19th Dec (2014) around 6pm. This is an image of The Victory Inn, a pub that's in Duke St in the famous coastal city of Brighton. Those of you with very good eyesight maye be able to read (if you zoom in) the board to the left of the door which says :-

Circa 1766
Rebuilt 1824 to
Commemorate Victory
at Trafalgar 1805
Independantly Owned
& Operated

 I'm not exactly sure of the amount of pubs that Brighton has within its boundaries but it's certainly known for having a vast amount to choose from and The Victory is certainly one of Brighton's oldest.

"Not All is Lost" :- A simple image shot at twilight and then heavily processed as a black and white image. I never get bored of photographing the sea and beach. It's forever changing and is relativley unspoilt and free from man made objects. I've had a few people say to me before that my images are a cop out as photographing sunsets and seascapes is old hat and that it's an easy option to go for. My answer to them has always been the same and that is is ... I do not photograph things for their ease nor for their dificulty, I do not wish to flaunt expertise (be it good or bad) or shout about f stops, or seconds, lenses or flters. To me photogra[hy is not about any of those things. It's all about the final image and nothing more and if they are ignoring nature and all the wonders around them because it's not challenging them as a photographer then I fear they are missing the point of what being a photographer is all about. It's not about gaining brownie points or shouting about vast amounts of knowledge or equipment. It's not about ignoring most of what's around you either. It's about grabbing the beauty and things that fascinate or interest you and then having the privilege of being able to share that image with others. I have no expertise at all and my camera fits in my pocket but my eyes and heart are open to everything around me.

"Tree Spirits" :- This was the view as I got out the car after parking in a layby in Bedham, a hamlet 4 kilometres (2½ miles) east of Petworth in West Sussex, England. I'd actually gone there to photograph some old ruins but was captivated by the lush greenery immediately. There's not a lot left of Bedham now, just a few houses, a farm and he ruins remain. But the area is ancient and has had a people of note living there in the past. In 1460 the member of parliament William Hibberden lived there and Bedham was also home to Sir Edward Elgar and Ford Madox Ford.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill