Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Triple Lantern, World War Memorial and Iron Island

"Triple Lantern" :- Three paper lanterns hang from a tree within temple grounds. The temple is one of many that make the City of Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand such a fascinating place to explore. In fact the City of Chiang Mai boasts over 300 Buddhist temples ("wat" in Thai). The oldes temple in the City (Wat Chiang Man) dates from the 13th Century but many of the other temples are from the 14th Century onwards. This photograph was taken in Wat Chang Taem.

"World War Memorial" :- This is a shot of the War Memorial that stands in Rottingdean village green on the south coast of England. It commemorates the residents of Rottingdean who were killed or missing in World War I (37 names) and World War II (29 names). The first recorded mention of the village (then written as Rotingeden) is in the Domesday Book of 1086. Across the green and though the trees at the back there's "Prospect House" which was once the home to the fames Pre-Raphaelite painter Sir Edward Burne-Jones. On the far right of the image you can just see a chimney and the edge of a house called "The Elms". That was for a while the residence of the author Rudyard Kipling.

"Iron Island" :- This is all that remains of the Grade I listed West Pier built in 1866 by Eugenius Birch. It once appeared in various movies and TV programs and played host to famous actors and hollywood stars. Now it just plays host to the gulls and starlings that use it as a perch to rest their wings. Piers are a thing of the past. A vast amount were built during the late 1800's. Day trippers to the seaside could take a walk along the prom and then take in the sea air as they walked along the boards of a pier. Now it's all changed. It's not about going out at all....it's now all about going up. Virtually every seaside resort and town is trying to build some sort of tower. Being high and getting a view is the new fad, being the tallest, grandest and most expensive is something new to brag about and compete against. It makes one wonder what the next craze will be. Maybe we'll start going deeper!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill