Sunday, 14 December 2014

Wet Breakwater, Clayton Pulpit and Minibus Only

"Wet Breakwater" :- An old Victorian stone breakwater glistens in the late afternoon sunlight on Kemptown beach in Brighton, England. There's nothing greater than a winter sunset. The sombre hues that struggle through the clouds radiate through everything whilst retaining an air of coldness about them. This was shot during high tide so much of the breakwater / groyn e is underwater. Having stood at the base of this structure I can tell you that the pebbled beach slopes away rapidly away here and that the sea is (approx) 2.75 meteres or 9 feet deep around the breakwater.

"Clayton Pulpit" :- Filled to the brim with history. It's impossible to stand in this little Church and not feel humbled by all those that have passed through its doors throughout the ages. This is the Church of St John the Baptist in the village of Clayton in Sussex, England. The village is roughly a 20 minute drive North of Brighton and is famous for it's two windmills called "Jack and Jill" that sit high up on a hill that overlooks this little church. The village is listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 and was then known as Claitune. The church is from the 11th Century and it feels ancient when you are within its walls. The most stunning and remarkable thing about this tiny building is that its walls are still covered in pantings from the early 12th century. They were painted by monks from Lewes Priory and have been described as "some of the most important in the country.

"Minibus Only" :- Brighton has some of the best street art you'll see in the UK. Some of it is pure graffiti but there are sa few in the city that transcend the run of the mill wall scrawls and become works of art in their own right. The North Laines in brighton is famous for it. Many side streets have huge murals on the sides of houses and buildings and a few shots in Gardner Street and Sydney Street are painted too. There's even a pub (The Prince Albert) that has the faces of many dead icons from music adorning its western wall. This shot was taken in the car park that's just to the side of City College Brighton and Hove. It's at the back of the houses on Trafalgar Street and between Pelham Steret and Whitecross Street in Brighton. I haven't been down that way for some time so for all I know the artwork has changed yet again as this shot was taken in June 2013. There's a rapid turnover with the street art in the City.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill