Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Royal Garden, A Place to Rest and Faith Healer

"A Royal Garden" :- When you wander around and through the gardens of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton it's easy to forget that they were once the realm of the Prince Regent (who later became King George IV) and guests to the exqusite palace on the south coast. The gardens were designed by gardens were designed by John Nash at the same time as he redesigned and embellished the Pavilion itself. The planting of the garden commenced in 1816 and finished several years later in the early 1820s. You can read more about the pavilion's grounds and gardens on the +Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums website here :-

"A Place to Rest" :- This is near the far end of Madeira Drive in an area known as Duke's Mound on the seafront in Kemptown, Brighton. It's not often you see it this clear as camper vans, cars and coaches are often parked up here so I took the shot while I had the chance. During the sunny, summer days it's fine but area has quite a bad reputation after dark and it is best avoided at night.

"Faith Healer" :- What a belter of a sunset this was! It started out rather drab and I was beginning to think that I'd wasted my time venturing down to the beach at Ovingdean Gap. Slowly it started to develope getting brighter and brighter whilst deepening in colour at the same time. Because it was low tide the white chalk bed was exposed and the light was bouncing of the reflective surface as well as the pools left behind. I stood there in silence and in awe for ages takeng various shots as I carefully moved about over the slippery rocks and then it was gone. Just a dark sky and the sound of the waves. I trudged back home knowing that even though it was gone I'd been there to experience it and that some of it was in the camera!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill