Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Alternative Reality, Gate & Chain and Little Boxes

"Alternative Reality" :- An old ruined school and church slowly get consumed by nature in the hamlet of Bedham in West Sussex, England. It's a strange place to explore as a feeling of unease that follows you around. It's eerily quiet and full of dancing light and shadows. There was a time when this place would have been filled with the sound of children learning by rote during the week and parishioners singing at the tops of their voices at the weekend. That fireplace (on the right) once held a roaring fire to warm bones and keep the cold at bay. I found it very hard to wander around without thinking of the ghosts of the past. The adults and children that had passed through its doorways, learned something new or felt enlightened and enthused by a Sunday service. Now it's open to the elements with the wind blowing through and the rain lashing the brickwork with only the odd solitary photographer dropping in.

"Gate & Chain" :- Shot back in June 2014 on a very pleassant, hot and sunny afternoon. I'd already been walking for an hour or so around the Castle Hill Nature Reserve on the eastern outskirts of Brighton and was still only (approx) halfway around. It was, as they say, the point of no return. It would have taken me just as long to turn around and walk back as it would to keep on going around the 'loop'. I stopped to take this shot as I like the way everything was in relation to everything else. The patha dn gatewat seemed to lead nicely into the slope and gentle undulation of the hill behind. The trees and gate on the left added enough interest for there to be space on the right. It all seemed to balance up naturally as nature once again proved that it adhered to the golden ratio (also known as the divine proportion, golden mean or golden section).

"Little Boxes" :- Here it is. Not the conventional view of Brighton that people are used to but it's most definitely the famous seaside resort in most of its glory. So what can you see in this image...let me try and give you a rough tour. At the bottom you have the multi coloured houses of Blaker Street and White Street. Then on the left you have the 1977 built Amex House which was the European headquarters of American Express. To the right of that you'll see a very modern looking structure that's mainly glass panels, that's the new American Express European centre in John Street. I you look to the far left edge of the image you should be able to make out the main "onion" dome of the Royal Pavilion which was once the residence of the Prince Regent who later became King George IV. Just up from that you should see a spire sticking up, that's Saint Paul's Parish Church in West Street. The large blocks of flats / towers sticking up on the left are Chartwell Court and the white Sussex Heights. Behind thenm you can see the blue water of the English Channel. If you look from the towers straight across to the far right of the image you should fnd the gentle curving, glass panelled roof of Brighton's vitorian train station. Beyond that the green, rolling hills of the south downs.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill