Thursday, 1 January 2015

Barn Steps, A Norman Church and Boxes Upon Boxes

"Barn Steps" :- This is the side of an old converted barn. I stopped to take the shot as I liked the old wooden steps running up its side and adored the shadows being thrown by the trees and sunlight. This is part of an old farmyard that's now been turned into a tourist hotspot. It's where you'll find a 17th-century threshing barn that's now a museum and nearby there's also an ancient dovecote, a gift shop (as always) and a cafe. The barn in this image is the cafe / restaurant. If I'd turned just a few degrees to my right and taken the photo you'd have seen some huge standing stones as this was taken in the village of Avebury which just happens to within the largest stone circle in the world. They estimate that the stones were put in position around 4,500 years ago and it's the only place in the world where you’ll find a pub and a chapel inside a stone circle.

"A Norman Church" :- This little church is easy to miss if you happen to look the wrong way. It's tucked of the main A283 road and is just opposite the Old Shoreham Tollbridge in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex. This is St Nicolas' Church and it was founded (circa) 900 and was dedicated around 1080. Needless to say it's now a Grade I listed building. Due to its age certain bits are from different eras. The nave includes flintwork from the original 10th-century church and two blocked up Saxon doorways (on the north and south side) date from the 12th-century. The tower is Norman.

"Boxes Upon Boxes" :- We live on an amazing planet. It's a world full of jungles, vast oceans, mountains and wide open plains...and we live in boxes. Some stand alone, some are piled high on top of each other. Little compartmentalised worlds of our own creation. Each fighting for space but with invisible lines drawn which warn others to stay away. Personal space is treasured no matter how small the sapce actually is. So I stood here on Hove promenade, late afternoon on the 19th December and found myself with my back to the sea looking at the boxes. It struck me as odd that we live in a society that sees this as normal. We find a big space, build a box and then live in it but make sure that we have a window in it so that we can look out onto the big space that we've built our box on. These boxes look out to sea. They are nothing more than modern caves which protect us from the elements and protect us from each other. They are, however, very colourful but regimented and rather boring. Nothing in this image is anything but a box.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill