Thursday, 15 January 2015

Below the Groyne, Step in Time and Goodnight Light

"Below the Groyne" :- This is the mighty Albion Groyne (breakwater) that's just to the Western side of Brighton's famous Victorian pier (you can see it's white ornate iron railings on the right of this image). This is a rare and unusual view of this gargantuan victorian structure as it's normally surrounded by seawater. The shot was taken in August 2012 during an exceptionally low tide which exposed more of the beach than I have ever seen before. This was one of the first two concrete groynes to be built in Brighton. The first was the East Street groyne in 1867 and then this one, the Albion Groyne was built 9 years later in 1876. There's a large Victorian outfall built into its Eastern side and the groyne is famously the one that features in virtually all the photos featuring rough seas and huge waves in Brighton ( like this one :-

"Step in Time" :- These steps on Satldeans promenade and seafront have carried people up and down for 85 years. It's easy to take things for granted and to ignore their history but when you stop to actually take it all in it's mindblowing ... maybe that's why we take it all for granted. The elegant fashions of the 30's, 40's and 50's came and went. Then the free and fun loving 60's fashions took over, skirts got shorter as hair got longer and then they gave way to the 70's where men and women alike grew their hair and long coats and flares did battle with drain pipes and suits which in turn battled with leather and chains. These steps have seen it all.

"Goodnight Light" :- I know what you're thinking...well, I think I do. You're thinking along the lines of "Ooh nice snow on the beach shot!". But it's not snow, there is no snow in this image whatsoever. It's an illusion created by the evening light bouncing of the still water that's settled in the rock pools. The rocks are thrown into silhouette which adds to the deception making the water look whiter. This was shot back in December at Ovingdean Gap just as the sunset was dying out and fading away. Once again, timing is everything.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill