Sunday, 11 January 2015

Brighton Smoke House, St Peter's & Yew and Turner Sky

"Brighton Smoke House" :- This is the famous Brighton Smoke House that's owneed and run by Jack and Linda Mills. The fish here is smoked in the traditional way with oak and applewood. No chemicals are used in the process at all apart from salt. Jack & Linda Mills' Traditional Fish Smokers is open daily and sells crab sticks, jellied eels, hot mackerel sandwiches, fresh crab sandwiches and homemade fish soup and has in the past won Radio 4's best take away award. They also sell fish for you to take home. This shot was taken on a wet and cold late afternoon just after everything had closed for the day.

"St Peter's & Yew" :- This is St Peter's Church in Chailey which is a village and civil parish in the Lewes District of East Sussex, England. The church is 13th Century as it was built in 1256. Their official website ( says that the tower is probably the oldest part of the church. In the wet face of the towere there's a clock set in the wooden shingled spire. The clock is said to have come from the village of Rottingdean which is near to where I live.

"Turner Sky" :- Both John Constable and J. M. W. Turner visited Brighton and created paintings whilst they were there. Constable's first visit to the resort was in 1824 when he (apparently) brought his wife Maria down in an attempt to restore her failing health. That very same year saw Turner create his watercolour painting titled "Brighthelmston" (the original name for Brighton). Walking along the beach it's easy to see why Brighton has attracted so many artists, musicians and writers over the centuries. There's so much to see and do and there's also such a rich historical heritage that runs through everything. On this particular walk mother nature put on a display that mirrored the sort of sky I would expect to see depicted in one of Turner's oil paintings.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill