Monday, 5 January 2015

Bronzed Beach, Chain After Chain and Concrete Pool

"Bronzed Beach" :- This is a shot of the cliffs at Ovingdean Gap (near Brighton) on the south coast of England. It was shot during low tide with my back to the sunset. The chalk face was glowing from the fading sun and reflecting in a salt water pool by the shoreline. I knew at the time that it would make a great image but I hadn't realised until processing that the entire image is primarily made up of just two colours. I think it's very striking.

"Chain After Chain" :- It was eight thirty in the evening and the sea had decided to vacate the area for a while leaving the inner harbour in Mevagissey in Cornwall devoid of water. I grabbed my chance , carefully negotiating the old stone steps down onto the exposed shingle and got close to the damp, wet wall to grab a shot of these weed covered chains. The outer harbour walls were built in 1888 and then rebuilt again (after storm damge) in 1897. However , the wall that's in this image is the wall of the inner harbour which dates from 1774. This is one very old wall.

"Concrete Pool" :- An old, worn concrete breakwater sits ti the East of Brighton on the beach between Ovingdean and Rottingdean. One section forms a small salt water pool pool with a few pebbles in the bottom where it's been worn away over time.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill