Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cliff Top Path II, Peter's and White Heron

"Cliff Top Path II" :- Twilight as seen from the cliff top at Saltdean just a few miles East along the coast from the city of Brighton. I decided to leave the beach hugging concrete walkway known as the undercliff walk and climbed the steps up to the top so I could walk back home via a different route. This shot was taken just before I walked back over the top of the cliffs to Rottingdean and then on to Ovingdean.

"Peter's" :- This is the historic fishing quarter in the town of Hastings in Sussex. Fishong has always been a major part of Hastings and to this day the town still has the largest beach-based fishing fleet in England. The shot was taken in Rock-A-Nore Road looking south east at the conservation area that includes the fishermen's 'net shops' or huts. These tall wooden structures have now been awarded Grade II star listed status and are located in an area known as The Stade to the east of the town. Incredibly the huts date from the 16th Century (although they have been rebuilt a few times since) and English Heritage have said that they are a rare example of "buildings intrinsic to the British coastal fishing industry". These thin, slender buildings were once used to store nets for catching mackerel and herring.

"White Heron" :- A chance encounter that was totally unexpected. I knew I was too far away to get a decent shot of it but I grabbed it anyway as I liked the composition of it all and the various elements that made up the image. So, smack in the middle of the shot is a slender and very beautiful small white Heron also known as a little egret. This graceful creature has white plumes on it's crest, back and chest and has black legs and bill and yellow feet. It can be found on numerous sites along the south coast, which this one was as it was shot in the small coastal town and fishing port of Looe in south-east Cornwall, England. The shot was taken around 5 pm so the sun was to the West and casting shadows onto the water. The River Looe itself is tidal and it had got fed up of waiting around and had gone out to slop around in Looe Bay leaving all the boats that had been bobbing around to sit on the silted river bed.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill