Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Daily Doodle : The Letter P

Well, well, well. Today were given the letter "P" to play with. Trying my best to follow on with superheroes, rogbots and characters from hooro films I strained my brain trying to think of something that would fit the theme. 'Pinhead' from "Hellraiser" was the first thing I thought of but then I realsied that he was a very dark character without much colour not to mention the added difficulty of drawing all those pins so he was quickly ruled out. I then though of "The Punisher" which is the alter ego of Marvel's Frank Castle but again he is very dark to draw and also in personality, so he was ruled out too. Tapping my fingers I sat back and stared at the cieling for a minute and then saw a big smiling face as someone tried to hand me a balloon. And there he was. Today the letter "P" is for ... Pennywise the clown.