Saturday, 24 January 2015

Daily Doodle : The Letter S

Over the last couple of days I missed the Daily Doodles on Twitter due to some upheaval at home and me being offline for a while. Now I am back online and up and running I am playing catch up with the days I missed. Todays sketch / doodle relates to what was Thursday's given letter and topic.

I had immense fun creating the sketch for today. I was originally going to sketch the silver surfer but for some unknown reason as I started I realised my heart really wasn't in it so i shleved that idea and went back to the drawing board / tablet. I cannot remember how I ended up choosing this particular subject but as soon as I got it into me head to do it I was eager to play around with it. I have to admit i am pleased with the result. So todaythe letter "S" is for ... Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.