Saturday, 3 January 2015

Fade to Black, SW Coast Path and Road & Verge

"Fade to Black" :- It was one of those unplanned and wonderful coming together of various factors that helped create this shot and image. The sun was setting, the tide was relatively low, the pier was thrown into silhouette and they'd just turned the lights on as well as the illuminations on the rides at the end. I remember standing near the breaking waves on the shoreline, taking this shot and not knowing at the time if it was gong to work or not. It was one of those 50 / 50 moments that you went for anyway whilst keeping fingers crossed. I do not profess to be a great photographer when it comes to using equipment. In fact I am anything but as my little 10 year old camera is permanently set on auto. My saving grace is that most of the time I have a good eye for the visual and I also know what I am doing to bring out the best in the images when processing. I have to admit that I am very happy with this atmospheric image shot on Brighton seafront at the end of November 2014.

"SW Coast Path" :- Looe is a small coastal fishing port and town in Cornwall, England. It's split in half as the East and West sections of the River Looe join and head out into Looe Bay and the English Channel. The main part of the town is East Looe and that's where you'll find a majority of the tourists. In order to get to West Looe you need to cross the "Old Bridge" over the river. This image was shot on the South West Coast Path of West Looe as the afternoon sun hit the hills above and threw it into shade. If you look carefully you should be a ble to make out a bronze statue of a seal near the three arches (left of centre) by the rocks. That's "Nelson" the one-eyed grey seal and he was a famous resident of Looe up until he died in 2003. The statue of "Nelson" is by the internationally-renowned sculptor Suzie Marsh.

"Road & Verge" :- If i'm heading to the neighbouring village of Rottingdean and the coast there are a couple of routes open to me on foot. My preferred route is to walk up through Ovingdean and then over the picturesque Beacon Hill Nature Reserve to the Windmill and then drop down in to the village. However, there is the odd occasion when i'll choose to take the alternative which is to walk directly down the Falmer Road and into the village. This is the route I normally take when driving the car. So this image was shot as I walked down towards Rottingdean (approx 0.8 of a mile or 1.28 kilometres away from this point). The afternoon sun was casting large shadows around and the fencing to my right was just at the correct height to throw the oathway into darkness. This made the grass verge look very lush and vibrant.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill