Friday, 30 January 2015

Garden Dovecot, Hasta Mañana and The Pantiles

"Garden Dovecot" :- This is the famous dovecote at Nymans which is a National Trust garden in Sussex, England. The dovecote is built into the garden wall of the old semi-ruined manor house which was destroyed by fire in 1947. The dovecote dates from somewhere within the 1920's and was built around the same time that the house was turned into a mock tudor mansion. The gardens of the entire estate are exquisite, well maintained, looked after and well worth a visit.

"Hasta Mañana" :- This was shot on Christmas Eve (2014) from Kemptown beach in Brighton, England. On the horizon to the far right of the image you can just see the end of the pier photobombing the scene. It was sundown and as beautiful as the image was in colour I chose the process it as a black and white image because the light and clouds seemed to lend themselves rather well to the stark approach. It was quiet with hardly anyone about on this end of the beach.

"The Pantiles" :- A huge break from the norm for me here as this image feature people, lots of them. They are the one thing I usually try my best to avoid when taking shots, I feel they ruin the image most of the time. However, you do get the odd occassion where they actually enhance and help make the shot and this was one of those moments. It was a sunny and pleasantly hot August afternoon and many had decided that a bite to eat and a pint may not be a bad idea. This is The Pantiles in the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent, England. It's now a very popular tourist attraction but it's origins date back to the early 17th century when a chalybeate (mineral waters containing salts of iron) spring was discovered and the area was built around it. The spring or well is what gave the town its name. The "Duke of York" (on the right of the image) is an 18th century pub and first opened somewhere around 1770 in memory of Prince Edward, the Duke of York and Albany, after he died in 1767.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill