Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Half Light, Level Puddle and Boat Path

"Half Light" :- It's hard to make out but this window is surrounded by ancient artwork on the wall. This is one of the windows of St John the Baptist's Church in the village of Clayton in Sussex. The church was founded in the 11th Century and features an extensive set of 12th century wall paintings by by monks from Lewes Priory. The light flooding in through this high window caught my attention as I was photographing the wall paintings.

"Level Puddle" :- This park looks nothing like this now. This is a shot of 'The Level' park in Brighton before it was redesigned, landscaped and rebuilt. The area where the large puddle sits is now a large skatepark, where the car is paked by the wheelie bins is now all turfed over. At the time I took this image (06/10/2012) the park was run down and not used so much. The children's playground has since been completely redesigned, a new cafe has been built and the entire park given a new lease of life. This image is a reminder of just how much of an improvement the new look park is.

"Boat Path" :- This pathway runs from the main Brighton Road and down to a road known as Riverside in Shoreham, West Sussex. To the left is the River Adur and its huge mud flats and also a plethora of houseboats ranging from tiny little boats to a few huge vessels. It's a fascinating route to wander and explore.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill