Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Magnificent, Concrete Shadow and Pier Pressure

"Magnificent" :- I thought it would a good time to post this image as today it was announced that the Heritage Lottery Fund has given a green light to £4,077,800 worth of funding for the Stanmer Park Restoration project in Brighton. If all goes to plan the park’s landscape will be restored along with its Grade II listed buildings. This will also mean the park's natural features and rare landscape will be protected. It's a large park that covers 485 hectares. For those of you who aren't sure what a hectare is, one hectare is the equivalent of 10000 square meters so Stanmer Park is 4850000 square meters in size. Settlement records of Stanmer can be traced right back to Saxon times. The park is famous because at the far end stands Stanmer House, a very grand and fne building that was built in 1722. This image was taken in a section of the park that's located just behind Stanmer House.

"Concrete Shadow" :- I must have driven over this thousands upon thousands of times but this was the first occasion that I'd ever stood below it. Before this was built the only way to cross the River Adur to the North of Shoreham was to use the ancient wooden toll bridge. It seems crazy looking back now to think that the old 1782 built bridge was the only route for the A27 road for all traffic passing through Shoreham! In 1970 the Shoreham Flyover was opened which made the crossings quicker, easier and eradicated the need to use the toll bridge altogether. The old toll bridge is still there but it's now closed to traffic and is now only used by pedestrians and cyclists. This image is of the section of the flyover that stretches over the river.

"Pier Pressure" :- This was shot nearly two years ago as it was taken at the beginning of February in 2012. It was shot from Brighton's famous pier and is looking West along the line of the coast towards Shoreham and beyond to Worthing. It's an iconic coastal view and is unmistakedly that of Brighton. The city is rich in history, full of firsts and famous for the artists, musicians and actors that have frequented it over the centuries (and still do). It's unique.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill