Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Seen Better Days, Pavilion at Sundown and Morning Sun

"Seen Better Days" :- This was one of those moments that offered itself up to me when I least expected it. I'd been down on the beach, braving the dropping temperatures and grabbing a few shots of the December sunset. There usually comes a point where you way up the situation (how much sunset is left against numbness of fingers and toes etc) and decide to call it a day and head off back home ... and I'd got to that point. As I made my way up the beach and ascended the steps to the promenade on the sea wall I notcied this discarded and forlorn stuffed toy on the wall. It had obviously been in the sea and been through a few wars of its own and looked very worse for wear. Someone had found it, picked it up and lovingly placed it on the wall so that t could enjoy the last few rays of the day's sun. Seeing all the angles of the wall and breakwater with the light behind on the horizon I knew it would make for an interesting shot.

"Pavilion at Sundown" :- If you have any sort of camera to hand and reasonable eyesight it's easy to take a great image of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. The building (constructed in stages between 1787 and 1823) is a visual treat with its glinting, ornate windows, lofty minarets and fancy stonework and angles. If you catch it at the right time of day you have the added delight of watching the natural light play over it all too. The Royal Pavilion was built a seaside retreat for George the Prince of Wales, who later became the Prince Regent in 1811 and was crowned King George IV in 1820.

"Morning Sun" :- When I took this shot back in 2012 I didn't realise that this entire area was going to be under threat. The field is known as "Meadow Vale" and it's been a horse field and green field site for as long as I can remember. It's also the last remaining open field left between the villages of Rottingdean and Ovingdean as everything else has been built on and / or concreted over. Last year (2014) we were suddenly told that this field had been sold off and that over 100 houses were going to be built on it to form a new housing estate to help solve Brighton's housing shortage. Plans were finally revealed to us that stated the need for "social housing" but when we actually got to see the plans it was very clear that the 'social houses' mentioned were few in number and that a vast majority of the project was going to consist of "executive" housing. The jig was up and alarm bells rang throughout the area. The plans have since been altered so we are now looking at just 85 houses instead of 100 or so but it's still going to ruin and destroy the area. The infrastructure of the village is not strong enough to cope with the extra traffic, concerns are still being raised and protests are still being voiced. So take a good look at this view of "Meadow Vale" as it may not be here for long if the people in the suits with the money and big ideas and big deals have their way! You can read more about the filed, the village and the project here :- http://www.saveovingdean.co.uk/

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill