Friday, 16 January 2015

Southover Grange Gardens, Time to Slumber and Changeable Weather

"Southover Grange Gardens" :- These are the beautifully kept and well loooked after gardens of Southover Grange in the historical town of Lewes in Sussex. The gardens (and the Grange itself) date from the 16th century and are divided in half by the Winterbourne stream. This section is in the south east of the gadens and well away from the magnificent stately looking Grange. The gardens are open daily from 8.30am until dusk or 9pm but are closed to the public on Christmas Day.

"Time to Slumber" :- As the day gives way to the onset of the night a strange silence takes hold and envelopes everything. Shadows hide in corners and dark shapes start to loom in the most unexpected of places. The pebbles glisten and twinkle like stars in the night sky. Only the pendular motion of the waves break the calm and stillness of it all.

"Changeable Weather" :- What a view. The shot was taken from the side of a road known as The Drove (B2123) which runs between the villages of Woodingdean and Falmer in Sussex. The shot is looking towards the West and that mass of buildings and structures you see in the distance is the mighty City of Brighton. I was standing in bright, warm sunlight but a storm was rolling in and turning everything on the horizon to a dark and dull grey. It was only a matter of time before Brighton was going to get caught in a serious downpour.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill