Monday, 12 January 2015

Strip of Green, Waterlogged Groyne and Slime & Slats

"Strip of Green" :- I remember getting some very strange looks when I was in the process of taking this shot. It was a week into March and a very sunny Saturday. I decided to venture out with the camera and walk into Brighton but to take a route I'd never walked before. Walking from Ovingdean to Woodingdean and then over the downs to the village of Falmer and then follow the Lewes Road down and along into Brighton itself. I estimated that it was going to take me roughly three hours and as it turned out I was right. What I hadn't banked on was that it was a Saturday afternoon so the pathway that lead from Woodingdean to Falmer was rather busy with football fans making their way to the Amex Stadium which is the home of Brighton & Hove Albion football team. As I neared Falmer I spotted this view across the fields and knew it would make a great image. As is often the case everyone else that passed me couldn't work out what on earth I was photographing as there was "nothing there" so a few choice comments were being thrown my way as I was taking the shot.

"Waterlogged Groyne" :- Bad weather and rough seas ensured that this old Victorian built breakwater / groyne was a few inches deep. The breakwater is directly oposite the Mercure Brighton Seafront Hotel (formerly known as The Norfolk) on the King's Road and just to the West of Brighton's famous 1884 built Victorian Bandstand near the border of Hove. I was on yet another of my evening strolls along the promenade, watching the light slowly fade away and give in as the darkness swept in from the East. My intention was to walk out to the end of the breakwater itself but when I realised how waterlogged it was I changed my mind and simply took a shot of it from where I stood.

"Slime & Slats" :- A reasonably close up shot of the sea wall and defenses at low tide on the beach at Saltdean near Brighton. The colours and patterns caught my eye and as I crouched down and prepared to take the shot the smell of salt, algae and seaweed was strong enough blot out everthing else. It's easy to slip over or loose your footing when the beach is like this. Everything is wet and coated with weed that equates to trying to walk on an ice covered sidewalk. The crunch of the pebbles and rocks are a welcomed sound as they denote that you can relax a little instead of concentrating on every step in order to stay upright.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill