Friday, 9 January 2015

That Loving Feeling, Among the Rocks and Wood of Wonder

"That Loving Feeling" :- Sunset during low tide at Rottingdean Beach to the East of Brighton. A lone yacht in the distance slowly traverses the horizon as the fading light produces an ever changing kaleidoscope of colours. The village of Rottingdean is ancient as it's mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. These beaches have played host to thousands upon thousands over the centuries.

"Among the Rocks" :- I almost walked past this shot as I was up on the pathway above the small section of the beach that was exposed. I just hapened to be at the right angle when I looked down and realised that the rocks would frame the view if I could get into the right position. Before I knew it I'd left the pathway that ran along the side of the quay and had dropped down onto the wet sand. A little bit of fiddling about with the tripod and camera resulted in me finally getting the shot that I wanted as well as a pair of damp knees. This was shot in the fishing village of Mevagissey in Cornwall.

"Wood of Wonder" :- Eerie, mysterious and full of wonder. This enchanted looking place is not a film set of a great bit of CGI, it's a real, ancient living wood that's become a thing of legends. It's a place I have known about from a relatively early age as I was discovering the artwork of Brian Froud and Alan Lee. It's somewhere I had laways wanted to experience and visit for myself and last year I finally got the chance. This is Wistman's Wood in the heart of Dartmoor. The wood consists of pedunculate oak, with some rowan and also some holly, hawthorn, hazel, and eared-willow. Mosses and lichens cover the bark and rocks which add to the ancient and mystical feel of the place. Dwarf Oaks are everywhere making the canopy very low over head which in turn makes you inadvertently crouch and stoop as you wander around. It's estimated that some of the trees are 200 to 400 years old. I was very grateful that my good friends Philip and Sarah Reeve took me there and acted as guides for the day. They also provided some wonderful sandwiches!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill