Monday, 26 January 2015

Three Seated, Grains and Stanmer Pond

"Three Seated" :- An eerie and somewhat creepy view underneath Brighton's famous Victorian Pier and tourist attraction on the south coast of England. It was late at the very end of what had been a warm June day and the daylight was finally admitting defeat and starting to fade. The stark overhead lighting below the pier was creating shadows all over the place, the smell of salt water was amplified by the damness of the stonework. Three people were sitting next to each other on an iron beam on the Eastern side of the pier, the blue light of the evening threw them into silhouette.

"Grains" :- Simple things are sometimes the best. An empty beach, a low tide and some shingle and sand. Nothing more. All I needed to do then was heavily process it to make the grain stand out and 'shimmer' slightly and there was the image. The beach in question is by the village of Rottingdean on the coast just a few miles East of Brighton.

"Stanmer Pond" :- Most people take a shot of this pond from the far bank looking back over the water towards the old Church that's on this side. I thought I'd so something different and stand with my back to the church and take the shot looking back the other way. Not many people realise it but the pond is the reason the park and village is called Stanmer in the first place. The pond is surrounded by sarsen stones so it was known as 'stone pond' but in those days they spoke Old English and Old English for 'stone pond' is "stony mere" which over time evolved into Stanmer. Many know Stanmer's history goes back to the 1700's but it's actually far more ancient than that because in 765 King Aedwulf granted the area to the Canons of South Malling and there's alos evidence of a Bronze Age settlement which was somewhere around 1500BC.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill