Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Toll Free, Wet Passacaglia and Golden Altar

"Toll Free" :- This could be any wooden boardwalk but it's not. It's the refurbished and rebuilt Shoreham Tollbridge in Sussex. If you look through the wooden side rails you can just see the blue water of the River Adur flowing down below with Shoreham Airport (the oldest airport in the UK, founded in 1910) to the south in the center of the image. This toll bridge originally took ten months to build and was opened in March 1782. The bridge continued to be open to traffic right up until 1970 when it was finally closed to vehicles. The refurbishment saw the replacement of the pilehead crossbeams, deck support longitudinal beams and handrails as well as the reinforcement of components of each of the 27 pile bents. The bridge is the last of its kind in Sussex and one of the last of its kind anywhere in the world as is therefore classified as a Grade II* listed building and is preserved as a building of historic interest.

"Wet Passacaglia" :- The Passacaglia is a 20 ton, recycled cast iron sculpture on Brighton beach. It measures a (approx)16 feet or 4.87 meters high by 26 feet or 8 meters wide with a depth of 5 feet or 1.5 meters. It's colossal. On a summers day you can see it being used as a giant climbing frame as children clamber all over it with the odd painful look of surprise on their faces when they find out the hard way that metal gets very hot when sitting out in the sun all day. However, during the winter months the metal gets rediculously cold and wet. This shot captures it just after an afternoon's rainfall so the large metal panels have filled with water.

"Golden Altar" :- This is the interior of Saint Mary and St. Peter's Church in the village of Wilmington in Sussex. The Church is a Grade I listed building as was founded in the late 11th century. As well as being the village church it also acted as a priory church for the monks of Wilmington Priory which was connected to the building. You can really feel and smell the age of this place when you stand inside it. There's a deafening silence that seems to echo all the parishionersthat have been and gone over the centuries.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill