Sunday, 18 January 2015

Watching Over Us, Prestigious Door and Heart of the Sun

"Watching Over Us" :- This is a view from The Chattri, a memorial built to honour the Indian dead of the First World War. It's situated high up on the downs just north of Patcham on the outskirts of Brighton. The memorial was constructed using white marble from Sicily, grey stone and three blocks of granite. The reason it's so far away from the City is because it was built at the place where the Hindu and Sikh soldiers who died in the Brighton war hospitals during 1914-1915 were cremated. The three blocks of granite I mentioned earlier cover the slabs used during the cremations. The Chattri is a 8.8 meter or 29 feet tall domed pavilion. It's dome is help up by eight columns that sit on an octagonal base. The view in this shot is looking out over the downs towards Patcham and Brighton. If you look carefully (zoom in) you can just make out the English Channel by the pillar on the far right of the image. I hasten to add that I carefully placed the tripod on the edge of the structure for the shot and never once climbed up or stood on it myself. It's a very beautiful, peaceful place and a stunning looking memorial. Well worth the effot to get there if you have the time to visit and pay respect. Here's a Google map link showing you where it is :-

"Prestigious Door" :- Doesn't look very prestigious does it! In fact it looks like some sort of hidden entrance to a military bunker or instillation. It's not. If you were to gain entrance through this metal door that's on the undercliff walk between Brighton and Ovingdean you'd discover a very long flight of stairs that rise up through a tunnel in the cliffs. The "Secret Tunnel" is actually anything but "secret" now as many have written about it and there's much to be found about it online. The entrance / exit at the much higher other end brings you out into the grounds of Roedean School which is an independent day and boarding school for girls in Roedean Village on the outskirts of Brighton on the south coast of England. The school is the most expensive girls' schools in the United Kingdom and was established in 1885.

"Heart of the Sun" :- This was the view as I walked along Brighton beach on Christmas Eve (2014). There weren't many people about at all so I found I had the beach to myself apart from the odd dog who'd run up to say hello as they were being taken out for a walk. It was a fresh but pleasantly warm late afternoon. It was Brighton at its best.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill